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Branch in Malta

Hardrocks Industrial Park Triq
Burmarrad Naxxar, Malta, NXR 6345, Malta

tel: +356 9912 6624



Branch in Ireland

Unit 5, Finnabair Industrial Estate Oriel Hub, 

Dundalk, A91 NV97, REpublic Of Ireland

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Unit 168, 415 High Street 
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DESIGN 2020-21


Capacity 45 m3 
Payload:  3000 kg 




There are times when you many need more space or less space. Outsourcing your storage means you only pay for the space you take up with the added bonus that your stock is managed for you. So rather than managing buildings or using self storage units where you have to travel to and from, outsource your storage requirements to Right We manage it, so you don't have to, but treat it as our own on your behalf.​



Our storages are located in: 


1. POOLE - Head Quarter 

2. London Feltham (Heatrow Airport)


3. Manchester City 


4. Belfast - Northern Ireland 


5. Paris 


6. Berlin 

7. Barcelona

8. Kopenhagen


Check List

 3– 2 months before your move

  • Book time off work for before and after your move
  • Ask your employer if they offer relocation assistance
  • Look for a new school and transfer your children’s records
  • Conduct research on removal companies
  • Start decluttering – go through each room one by one and identify items to sell, donate, or throw away
  • Create a folder with important documents – company quotations, contact information, contracts, significant dates, etc.
  • Check your life and home insurance policies to make sure you are covered


8 – 5 weeks before your move

  • Decide on a removal company.
  • Gather packing materials from the removal company or from alternative sources
  • Make a complete inventory of your belongings
  • Begin packing, working room by room – start with items that are not immediately necessary
  • Check for parking restrictions in the area of your current home and new home. Apply for parking permits, suspensions, or dispensations
  • If you are renting, inform your landlord of your moving date


1 month before your move

  • Make arrangements for childcare and pet care during your moving day
  • Start emptying your fridge, freezer, and pantry strategically – create a meal plan
  • Confirm the moving day with your removal company
  • Inform people such, as utility companies, banks, friends, and family, of your move
  • Register to vote and pay council tax in your new area
  • Clean your home or book professional cleaners

4-2 weeks before your move

  • Cut off certain services such as television, telephone, and internet to avoid extra charges
  • Look at potential new utility providers at your new home for better deals
  • Pay outstanding bills and cancel or relocate your subscriptions: newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Redirect your post
  • Continue packing as much as possible – don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help
  • Return any items you have borrowed


1 week before your move

  • Confirm the final details of the moving day with your mover.
  • Create a list of boxes corresponding with rooms – match via colour labelling your boxes
  • Clean and defrost your fridge and freezer
  • Do as much laundry as possible
  • Arrange a time to collect the keys to your new home with your estate agent
  • Pack your most important documents in a safe, accessible place – This includes passports, driving licenses, birth certificates, and insurance papers
  • Pack an essentials box for your first few days at your new home

1 day before your move

  • Take a thorough walk around your house – take your time and check all areas
  • Pack a few lunchboxes for when you get hungry during your moving day
  • Pack a box with tools you need to unpack such as box cutters, scissors, and pens
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged
  • Get a good night’s sleep to be in the best shape for your big day
  • Create an information packet for the new owners – include instructions for appliances, contact information for utility companies, rubbish collection schedule, etc.


On your moving day

  • Strip your beds and pack your linen in clearly-marked boxes
  • Record your meter readings to ensure that you are not charged for usage that is not yours
  • Be present when the movers arrive
  • Take one last look around your house for forgotten items and to make sure all appliances are switched off
  • Give your movers emergency contact information and make sure they know the location of your new home

Once you are in your new home

  • When the movers deliver your valuables, check for damage
  • Open up your moving tool box and essentials box
  • Start unpacking your belongings, starting with items you immediately need.
  • Take note of the utility meter readings in your new home
  • Make sure all keys to your property work properly
  • Plug in all appliances and electronics
  • Make your beds so that you can quickly go to sleep on your first night
  • Check that the hot water and heating in your new home is working – it’s incredibly important to have a hot shower after your busy day
  • Introduce your children and pets to their new home


Days after you have moved in

  • Replace the locks
  • Involve your children in organising their rooms
  • Meet the neighbours
  • Take your time unpacking
  • Explore your new area
  • Relax and enjoy your new home!


Capacity 28 m3 
Payload: 1300 kg 


Capacity 25 m3 
Payload: 1200 kg 


Capacity 12 m3 
Payload: 1300 kg 

Removals VANS

What we can do for you


We will assist you in transferring your valuables from your old house to your new home, ensuring that they arrive safely and on time. Mover main duty is to transport the contents of your home to your new destination. That is included to our basic price. 

We also offer other services to help make your move as stress free as possible.

  • Disassembly and reassembly:  Our team can take care of disassembling your furniture to make them ready for packing. At the other end of the trip, they will unpack and assemble your items in the destination room. That can be extra charge. 
  • Packing services: We know that packing is one of the most time-consuming tasks when moving. That is why Right Moving will pack all your requested items so that you can spend your time doing more important things.  Packing materials also can be delivered by RightMoving especially for you. 
  • Cleaning: Right Moving have cleaning services to ensure that your old home is completely ready for the new tenants or owners. This service covers your entire home and includes hoovering of rooms, dusting, and kitchen and bathroom cleaning.
  • Storage: If there is an unexpected delay in receiving the keys to your new house, or if you would just like to keep your items somewhere safe while you prepare your new home, Right Moving have got you covered. We have large, secure facilities to store your items for short or long-term periods.
  • Speciality items and pianos: If you have fragile items that need extra protection, our team have the equipment and tricks to ensure they will not take any damage during the move. 

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Additional  SERVICES 

Pricing of removals

The removal costs can vary greatly depending on your moving situation.

  • The volume of belongings that you would like to move
  • The distance between your old and new homes
  • Ease of access to your properties
  • Time and moving season
  • Additional services provided such as packing
  • Items that require special care and protection

  • Handling of large or fragile items, requiring special equipment or methods

Complete our form, send a quote request and receive our best offer. The request takes only 1 minute and is non-binding, meaning that if you are not satisfied with the quotes, you can decline the offer or negotiate it.

Are you looking for professional removal service in good price ?
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On this page, you will find the costs information, the duties, and other important information that you need to know before  you order some services.